Thursday, November 4, 2010


Howzit!! things are going great. I had three professional meetings today. One with the directors of the parks and recreation of Durban. Boy are they trying to do some great stuff with the local children. the second meeting was kind of cool! we had a tour of the brand new stadium they built for the Soccer World Club. We were even allowed in the locker rooms! The third meeting was talking with college professors from the university in Durban. we discussed how PE teachers are trained in their country.

Hey Star, Courtney and Ben- Glad you are having fun dancing-I will be learning a Zulu dance tomorrow (Friday) The food has been really good and its ok to drink the water here in Durban.

Howzit fourth grade- Yes i really ate it and no it wasn't fish lol-chicken spring roll! My room is on the 20th floor and the windows open and there are no screens! no bugs so no screens but i feel like i might fall out!! (i'll be careful) The braclets are still in my hands and will be until Monday. The temp. today was 32 C (thats a good homework problem for you).

Hey Miss Powell-Thanks for all the updates! Gina says howzit to you!!

Toll booth leaving Jo'bough
The World Cup Stadium in Durban
Township just outside of Durban
Government built home
Till Tomorrow!
Love to my family!!


Deb said...

Hi Darc and Gina!!!

Good to hear you made it there safely!! Your pictures are awesome!!! Sounds like you are having a blast!!!

Love you and miss you!!!!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are having a great experience. The pictures are great! We miss you at school. Keep the posts coming

Mrs. Whalen said...

Grace hopes you are having a good time. Abby asks: "What kind of fish are there?" Christian and Gabe want to know what animals you have seen. Luke wants you to come back really bad and to tell him if you see a black panther. I want to know if you have been down on the beach and what color the sand is. Everybody misses you!!

Anonymous said...

nice pictures miss Darcy.Adam Joe Joey

Anonymous said...

have you seen a secratary bird or a cheatah?

Anonymous said...

Hey Miss Daracy that is so sad we feel so bad :(

from Hailey Kenerson and LeiLani Delacruz Ms.Wadsworth

Anonymous said...

What kind of pets do you have in South Africa?


EILIGH said...

Hey Miss Darcy that's a beautiful statium.

kylie,clayton,daniel said...

how are you doing in your hotel room?We miss you a lot!Do you miss your DDP?How many burgers have you had?Hope you have a good time.

Bayden,Amanda,and Colby said...

Bayden, Amanda,and Colby u like South Africa so far and will u ever go back?Hope u dont fall out a window

Stay safe love,

Bayden,Amanda and Colby<3

Ciara Neidlinger said...

Howzit! can you find out if there is chinese food in Africa for me.

vicki said...


The fifth graders at Snow posted many messages to you during their library time. I'm not sure where they posted them, since this looks like the first comment for today.

Sounds like you are having a good time and an eye opening experience. Isn't it incredible to have the new stadium in the middle of such poverty.

Can you still get fresh lobster on the beach for 10 cents a piece. The oysters were 15 cents a dozen. Boys would dive off the coast and bring them in fresh. We stayed at Port St. John's for a weekend. It is about 100 miles south of Durban on the coast. Thirty years ago, Port St. John was part of the republic of Transkei--which was not recognized as a country internationally.

We stayed in Lesotho for six weeks. Gene was a doctor a a hospital in Quthing--about a five hour drive from the capital of Maseru. The hospital was about a 20 minute walk from where we were staying. We had no reliable electricity, phone or car. We didn't know the language. We were some of the few whites in this remote village. It was a life changing experience, as I'm sure it is/will be for you and Gina. We were there in March and April. It would have been fall.

The kids saw a gazelle and elephant today on the Webcam. They were soooooo excited. I let them print out a picture of the elephant.

I had to laugh when you shared what you were eating in the photo. We always tried Chinese food where ever we traveled. In Moose Factory, Ontario, they had Chinese items on the menu--but then told us they only had hot dogs.

Thank you for sharing your experience with us. All the best to you and Gina. (Did you know that my husband's name is Gene.) Until later----