Friday, November 5, 2010


The food here in Durban is just like food at home, and i have not had a burger. (yet) but today i went to a Zulu village and was served a wonderful lunch of mealies (mashed corn like mashed potatoes), squash, spinach, crushed tomatoes, and cabbage. I was nervous to try it but i did and I liked it!!!
Wow! She must have a strong neck!
I have been drinking a lot of water but no DDP! 
the women wear a special head dress to help them carry many things on their heads.
the only pets i have seen have been just a few dogs.
I haven't seen any wild animals or cool birds yet we are still too close to the city.
New words for you- Izzit? (oh really?)
                                    Tula-be quiet
Abby i will check on the names of the local fish for you.
Have a super night- I'm off to Cape Town tomorrow (sat.)

hamba kakuhle-go well!

Lunch in a Zulu kitchen made by a Zulu family for us. It was awesome!!


Robbie said...

Well it certainly looks like you are having an interesting time.. and BTW, you can drink the water from the taps.. our water quality is pretty good.

Joy Lynne said...

That looks yummy! Glad you're having fun :) Miss you.

vicki said...


I would love to know more about your day trip to the 1000 hills.


Anonymous said...

is that food yummy miss Darcy?Adam Canfield

Anonymous said...

hows the food the food there from Gavin