Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Just a quick post

A traditionally dressed Zulu gentleman

Trying something new
a family home
Strong woman!
Indian Ocean from my room (20th floor)

Very busy day, professional meetings learning about the culture and history of South Africa, Discussion with the Director of the Department of School Sport (part of the department of Education), Lunch at a fish market (yes i did try something new!), a trip to where Gandhi lived when he was here for 21 years, and a drive around the city of Durban (it's hard to see how some families have to live here.) I will share more tomorrow, enjoy the pictures many more to come. Thanks for all the messages!


robyn said...

Nice room with a view! So far that camera seems to be working well. Saw lepoards and buffalo and elephants today...there were more but cant remember them all. you're missing budget panic..lucky you! Looks like you're having a good time. I can't believe how far away you are! Find any good sweatshirts yet? NO need to publish my comments. Just seems an easy way to keep you up to date! I cant find robbies website!! WAAAHHH! Did you meet him???? Hi G!!!

Alice said...

Awesome pictures. Sounds like a busy but fun time. Glad to see you trying something new :)

Littlefield said...

What was the fish you were eating? Did you like it. Mary's thinking the smile looks fake. We loved the pictures that you sent. Are you having fun? How big is your hotel and what room are you on? Are the bracelets in safe hand? Have you given any away? Could we see more pictures of the houses they live in? Have you been to the schools and seen the students yet? We want to see more pictures and loved the picture of the ocean. See more tomorrow. We miss you. It's really cold here, what temperature is it there? Mrs. Littlefield's and Mrs. Hill's class, Mrs. Stacy too.

Anonymous said...

Ben and I had fun dancing in P.E. Courtney

I missed you but took pictures of the dancing. Ronda

Are you having fun? Star

What's the food like? Did you bring your own water? Kristy

Anonymous said...

HI Miss Darcy, we were having fun dancing in the gym. We miss you. You should have seen Ben's feet. Ronda will send you the pictures when she figures it out. Carmen

Joy Lynne said...

Great photos! I don't see any missing bites out of this new food you supposedly tried...hope you're having an amazing time :)

Kyle M said...

Hi Miss Darcy,
I missed you at PE today. We played poison pumpkin. We got to see Miss Nickerson's baby. Her name is Lilian Rose. I hope you are having fun and see lots of cool
animals. See you soon.
Kyle Mercier

Anonymous said...

that food looks yummy!Adam Joey Joe

Anonymous said...

Can you teach me a word in South Africa from your friend Alec Joseph Roy

Anonymous said...