Friday, May 20, 2011

"Family Night" Exploring South Africa with our Five Senses!

Finally!  A way to share what I learned, saw, heard and tasted in South Africa. We had a "Family Night"! My students and their families came to my gym and enjoyed a bit of South Africa. They explored with their senses (taste,sight,smell,touch,hear) as I did while I was there.
     They tasted foods; listened to music; read books from and about this beautiful country and watched my slides on a Big Screen; made beaded jewelry and rag balls; and enjoyed the smells of good food. 
     I served Mealies, Peri-Peri chicken, Malvapoeding (marshmallow pudding), Sweet Potato Peanut Stew, Soetkoekies (cookies) and my new favorite, thanks to Robbie, Melktart!!
    It was fun to watch my students try the new foods and to see the parents create jewelry with their kids. Making rag balls from recycled stuff (just like the kids in Capetown) was an activity that my students were really excited to try.
     The students and their families seemed to really enjoy themselves and I feel like I have finally been able to help others see through my eyes and experiences what a great world we have around us.  

Checking out Miss Darcy's Blog

Hard at work designing a bracelet

Making Rag balls

Rag ball

Dads and Moms lend a hand


Zulu Township

Making & Watching

Jewelry making

Closing the night with a toot of the Vuvuzela!


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