Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Time to think

Well, I have been home for over a month now and I still think of my journey everyday. Some things I think about are: how can I help some of these school that don't have enough money to offer lunch everyday to the students or to have books for their lessons;  how I miss the sounds of South Africa (the languages, music and animals); will I ever have the opportunity to meet up with all the people I traveled with again in one place-it was such a neat group of professionals; will I be able to travel there again to go on another safari it was so cool to see the animals in their own 'place'; how thankful I am that Robbie became our friend and answered so many questions for my students; how I really miss 'Shiney's' smile and passion for her country;   Will I ever truly be able to share the effects this journey has had on me with my students, friends and family (it was so much more than just a trip/vacation). Yes! Someday I will go back!

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Robbie said...

I have just returned from a 2 week trip to the northern most part of the Kruger National Park. Once Africa is in your blood, as it seems that it now is in yours, you can never forget it nor stay away. There are many challenges that face the people of Southern Africa as well as the flora and fauna of our continent. As an example, 20 years ago there were 55 thousand lions, today there are less than 20 thousand..

Poverty in it's core can be seen at the most basic levels where children are the biggest sufferers and any help from 1st world countries is cherished and certainly can change lives. We welcome you back at any time..