Sunday, November 7, 2010


A great day of sight seeing! Thanks for all the comments everyone, its nice being able to hear from you all. It makes it seem like I'm not so far away. I miss teaching and seeing you all every day but I am learning and seeing so much!! We had a great home cooked meal tonight. We went to a local family who hosted us for dinner. It was a nice way to end a day of sightseeing. Want to know what I saw? Just take a look!

Beautiful white sand beach in Cape Town

Lizard on the way to the light house

Ostrich at the beach?

King Protea (South African national flower)



Anonymous said...

cool pics!


Anonymous said...

Looks like you are having a good time. The pics are great.
The weather is cool, going to have rain with sleet mixed in.

Patick said...

Hi Miss Darcy from Patrick,Dominic and Andrew! When are you coming back? Bring us pictures of the animals. Miss you!

Deb said...

Beautiful pics, Darc!!!!!! So glad you are having such a great time!!! Miss you!

Miss Johnson said...

What awesome flora and fauna, Miss Darcy! I am slightly jealous. The national flower is incredibly interesting. Is that a tortoise? Hope to have the 3rd grade at B/DES check this out tomorrow morning. Thanks for sharing your trip with us!

Anonymous said...

Hope you come back soon your friend Alec Joseph Roy

Anonymous said...

Jambo, (with the help from Mrs. McGreavy) It looks real good, what you were eating. The pictures were awesome. Could you try to get some more pictures of other animals for us, like a monkey? What type of flower is that? Let us know when you have a hamburger and DDP. Are you still having fun. We are missing you too. Have you seen lots of different clothing there? Have you had any rain yet? It rained Thursday, Friday and today. INSIDE RECESS!!!! Is everything all unpacked? How hot has it been, not hot here. Have you given out any bracelets? Talk to you tomorrow. Mrs. Hill's and Mrs. Littlefield's classes.

Anonymous said...


Love the pictures, they look like postcards. Whats DDP in your reference to water? The stadium looks better than the township, where are their priorities? I hope you brought some good sunscreen. I also think it is interesting that your hotel windows do not have screens because there are no bugs!! NO BUGS!! I'll take a lizard over bugs. I also like the pictures of the local people.

See ya soon

Miss Johnson said...

Hey Miss Darcy. B/DES 3RD grade here. I love gym, SyF. Can't wait until you come back, LT. I hope you are having a lot of fun, MC. Did you see a elephant? SaF. Can't wait until you come back and we'll have cool games, RA. Bring me back a DDP? EB. Have you seen anymore cool stuff? KW. What is the name of the South African National Flower? KS. What do you eat there? EC. What was your favorite food to eat? JW. The South African National Flower is pretty, AV. Bring back a souvenir and have you been to the African Parks? AP Can you bring back pictures of animals? AH What is it like in the national park? TL Does your bed feel comfortable? MB What weather is it there? JM Can you tell us some of the students' names that you met? BW We are all wondering what is your favorite animal you have seen so far. It is cool to think you are on the same ocean, just on the other side! Have a grand last few days and safe journeys home. Miss J

Suzanne said...

Love the ostrich! Beautiful sand in that beach photo! Take some photos of the seashells, please :)

Glad you're enjoying yourself.


JoAnne said...

What gorgeous pictures. What is the name of the national flower. It is quite exotic. It sounds like you are having an amazing trip so far. We all miss you, but want you to have a blast!! Keep blogging, we love hearing about everything in your far- away land. JoAnne

Anonymous said...

i love the turtle that was so cute ! Haley smith

Mrs. Albert said...

We think these pictures are interesting and cool. Here are other comments from students:
I think the elephant is really cool.
It was funny when the warthog was crossing the road.
I thought the warthog was cool.
I thought the tortoise and big hippo was cool.
Miss Darcy- The students would like to know what kind of turtle that is.
I like seeing the ostrich.
I like the flower.
I like the hippos.
I like the ostrich because it is funny.
The animals and things are cool.
Thank you for showing us the pictures.
I hope you have a great time.
The ostrich was really cool.
I liked the hippos and the water because I like swimming.
The flowers really interest me.
The lizard was cool.
I can't believe you saw a rhinoceros and elephant,
Have a safe trip home!

Anonymous said...

Nice pic of the lizard.What kind of
lizard is it?Can u get more pics of

Joseph LeBrun

Anonymous said...

Hey there Miss Darcy!! It's Mariah LeBrun!! I just wanted to tell you that I think it is the coolest thing that you are in South Africa! I miss having you as a P.E. teacher! you were amazing!!! I hope you had a great time in South Africa!