Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Questions for Robbie!!

The students at Snow elementary school and Brownfield/Denmark elementary school would like to know:
  1. What do you have for breakfast?
  2. What do kids like to do in their free time? What kind of toys do they play with?
  3. What kind of beds do people from South Africa sleep on?
  4. What is US money worth in your country?
  5. Are Zebra's black with white stripes or white with black stripes? (love that one)
  6. What kinds of food will Miss Darcy be eating?
  7. More to come tomorrow.  :)
  8. Thank you Robbie


Anonymous said...

nice questions miss darcy

Anonymous said...

we have a question-what is your cultur from stephanine and colby

Anonymous said...

Thanks Robbie!

Robbie said...

Some interesting questions. South Africa is a mixture of first and third world countries. It depends on who you ask as to what answers you will get. I will try answer from both perspectives.
1. On weekdays I have cereal like Pronutro or wheatpix for breakfast. Sometimes Corn Flakes. On weekends I normally have toast, bacon and eggs. A lot of the South African population is very poor and they might have a porridge made from corn (we call corn mielies) called mielie meal.. this is also the staple diet of the poorer rural people.
2. Most kids do much the same as you guys I'm sure.. hang out at malls, watch tv, play tv games like playstation or Wii.. in the rural areas they play with homemade toys like wire cars or stick dolls..
3. I sleep on a glorious bed with a spring mattress just like you guys do.. but the poorer might sleep on blankets or mats on the floor..
4. one US DOllar is worth about 8 South African Rand. To get some value, a can of Coca Cola at the convenience store is about 80 US cents (R6.50). A big Mac at Mac Donalds is about R25.00
5. It depends who is asking.. haha.. there is no answer to that question. It is the same as asking which came first, the chicken or the egg.. lol
6. Hopefully she will be eating some traditional South African Foods as well as take outs like burgers.. tell her she has to eat some Milk Tart when she is here.. It's my favourite..

Robbie said...

Hey Stephanine and Colby... I am white South African... My family came to South Africa from Europe in about 1748.. My home language is Afrikaans (nearly like Dutch that the people from Netherlands speak).

Anonymous said...

hey miss darcy!

R said...

Ms. Darcy will NOT be eating ANY food that hasn't been "HOME" approved by her in the past 45 years! I would like to see a picture of her eating a grub or something! I hope they sell ketchup in South Africa.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Robbie from Stephanie and Colby

colby said...

Robbie what is milk tart? and what is in it?

Rob said...

Of course we have "Ketchup" over here.. We just call it tomatoe sauce..

Milk Tart is a traditional South African afrikaans pie.. but it is sweet and we eat it like you would have a slice of cake. It has a hard crust and then a glorious milky filling made from eggs, flour, milk, sugar and things like this.. have a loof over here... http://allrecipes.com//Recipe/south-african-melktert-milk-tart/Detail.aspx

Ciara said...

Hey Robie. What other restaurants do you have in Africa?

dan clayton said...

Do you have any tv's in South Africa