Friday, October 29, 2010

Last day of school before the journey begins.

Thanks to all my students for the goodbye hugs and well wishes. I love the sign you made and signed for me!  The friendship bracelets are packed.  
Thank you Robbie for answering all our questions and for the cool pictures of what South Africa looks like and of the animals I might see! Now it's time to finish packing and to check my list to be sure I have everything I need. Be sure to check out the web cams (there was another lion at one of the watering holes tonight)!!!! So cool!
Goodnight all


Ciara said...

I saw an elephant on the webcams!

vicki said...

How are you? Did you get off okay? What activities are you doing? Have you seen the Indian Ocean? Were you able to sleep on the plane on your ride over?

These and other questions brought to you by Mrs. Royer. I miss you.

It has gotten cooler here. I hope to have the older students write to you during their library time.

Anonymous said...

Safe travels, Ms. Darcy!! We can't wait to hear about your adventures!

Ciara said...

have fun Miss.Darcy!