Monday, November 15, 2010

Well, the journey is over, but the sharing is just beginning!

Got home to New Hampshire at about 3:00 today (Monday). Boy, I am sure tired! Can't wait to see everyone tomorrow! Here's a few more pictures. I will share some final thoughts tomorrow.
"Sharp, sharp"
Things are good!

On the way to Kruger National Park



Left handed elephant

Beautiful Waterbuck at sunset

Four young Rhinos


Mrs. Whalen said...

Are we some excited that you'll be here today!! Christian wants to know:What games are we playing today at PE? Gabe says you are the best PE teacher in the world! Lucas really really misses you and wishes you will come back. The rest of us will give our well wishes in person in just a couple of hours! I bet a nap would sound good to you right about now! Good luck getting through your first day back!

miss darcy said...

Hey everyone in Ms Whalen's class!! we will be playing Turkey Round Up!! Lots of running and having fun! Can't wait to see you!!

amanda said...

im soooooo glad ur back